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Starting again. Day 1 of .. @Skillstorm. .NET like JDK

by Casey Spaulding

I say starting again because feels like I am starting over after getting so far learning .NET, completing the Coder Foundry self-paced boot camp, and doing the 100 days of code challenge which I think I am going to do again starting today.

I had my first day of the Java program at SkillStorm. It was an orientation day with some IDE setup and light programming. I have been self-teaching for a while now but focusing on .NET.

I learned about several things but will focus on what I learned about the differences between the JDK, JRE, and JVM. So the Java Development Kit includes all the development tools, the JRE is the java code library, and the JVM converts the Java code to native code the computer can read.

Here is the summary.

  • Java was made to “Write once, run anywhere
  • The JDK has everything you need to develop java applications
  • The JRE has everything you need to run Java apps.
  • The JVM is responsible for running the applications.

Maybe it’s just me but this reminds me of how C# and .NET are set up a kind of with the CLR? Seems to me that Java had the cross-platform idea a long time ago and no one has perfected it but .NET is trying. I need to do more research. Whoever is reading this please understand that I am still learning. What do you think?

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